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Style & dry with hair protection

Satin-Hair 3 air styler 
AS 330

A new style every day without going to the hairdresser? It’s not only possible but easy – with Braun’s Satin-Hair 3 air styler AS 330. It lets you create amazing styles and dries your hair without drying it out. Tangle-free thanks to the automated curl release and gentle on your hair, the Satin-Hair 3 air styler AS 330 is the perfect choice for women who like to change their looks without hurting their locks.

Whichever look you choose to create – Braun’s Satin-Hair 3 air styler AS 330 protects your hair and lets it shine. For beautiful hair that looks as healthy as it feels.

Versatile styles


Soft, shiny, natural-looking curls are an all-time favorite. Create your own curly look with Braun’s Satin-Hair 3 air styler AS 330 – here’s how: use the big round brush for loose, large curls or the small one for tighter curls. Strand by strand, roll your hair up around the air styler barrel, hold, and release.


For glamorous 1940s Hollywood styles or a soft, natural look – waves bring texture to your look and frame your face beautifully. To style wonderfully luscious waves that are firm, but not curly, use the big round brush, twist your hair loosely around the barrel, and pull gently while releasing.


Give your look the ultimate kick with flicks! They’re the modern twist for any style, and they can easily be achieved with Braun’s Satin-Hair 3 air styler AS 330. Just twist the lower part of your hair outwards around the small brush, hold, and release. For firmer flicks, twist the strands more tightly.


Oh, glorious volume! It’s the number one thing women crave for. With Braun’s Satin-Hair 3 air styler AS 330, luxurious volume is only a style-and-dry away. Just click on the volume fingers and move the appliance in small circles over your head. The ingenious volumizer lifts your hair up at the root and boosts its volume.

Optimum hair protection

Ceramic brush

To protect your hair during styling and drying, Braun has designed a smooth brush with seamless bristles and 100% ceramic coating. It distributes the heat evenly to form curls and waves fast and gently. 3 attachments: a small brush (18mm), a big brush (36mm), volumizer.

Roll out function

The specially designed roll-out function allows you to style without tangling and breakage of your hair. Each strand of hair is released easily and smoothly. For hassle-free, versatile styles!


Individual styling requires individual settings. Braun’s 2-temperature settings adjust the heat and airflow to your personal needs. You can be sure that heat and airflow are always exactly right for your hair type so that your hair won’t dry out during styling.


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