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Cecotec EnergySilence 1600 Woody Smart Floor Fan 16Inch
  • Fan with wooden tripod and high power of 50 W which facilitates perfect and instant ventilation of the room in which it is located. Its elegant wooden tripod allows its location in any room of the house also as a decorative element.
  • 100% copper which offers great quality and durability to the fan, in addition to contributing to its ventilation power.
  • It includes a remote control that allows you to control all its functions comfortably without having to physically approach the fan. The fan has a diamond of 16 inches (40 cm) with 4 blades which, thanks to its perfect aerodynamics, allows excellent distribution of the air during ventilation.
  • The fan has 3 speeds and 3 modes of ventilation to adapt its power and air flow at any time. Programmable timer of up to 7.5 hours that allows you to select the desired operating time and after which the fan will turn off.
  • Height up to 130 centimeters which allows you to select the air outlet depending on the room where we find it, whether living room, dining room or bedroom. 80° oscillation that allows full control of the desired air direction in the room where the fan is located.

Cecotec EnergySilence 1600 Woody Smart Floor Fan 16Inch

SKU: CE5287
€209.00 Regular Price
€169.00Sale Price
  • Floor Fan

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