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Cecotec Mambo 10090 Multifunction Kitchen Robot 3.3L

Cecotec Mambo 10090 multifunction kitchen robot with App, exclusive MamboMix spoon, Havana jug with ceramic coating, 30 functions, built-in scale, 3.3 liter stainless steel jug dishwasher safe, zero speed, boiling basket for cooking at 4 levels and complete recipe book.

  • Multifunction kitchen robot with 30 functions: chops, chops, blends, crushes, sautés, grinds, pulverizes, grates, reheats, beats, yogurt maker, assembles, emulsifies, mixes, cooks, stirs, steams, poaches, confections, kneads, cooks at low temperature, boils, keeps warm, ferments, SlowMambo, cooks with precision degree by degree, cooks in a bain-marie, slow cooking, zero speed and has a Turbo function.
  • Enjoy the Mambo App for smartphone with unlimited recipes guided step by step, predefined modes for ease of use and manual DIY system.
  • Independent stainless steel jug with ceramic coating with high non-stickness to achieve excellent results in the most delicate preparations.
  • It incorporates a scale to weigh the food placed in the jar with great precision in order to work with exact quantities and obtain excellent results.
  • High-quality stainless steel jug suitable for quick and easy cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Its zero speed allows you to cook and fry without having to set the speed, as if it were a casserole or a frying pan. And, also, with the advantage of cooking without a lid.
  • The innovative Sauté function at a higher temperature when you want to use it to brown food, is achieved with the highest temperature and maximum power.
  • Exclusive MamboMix spoon for kneading. By not cutting the dough, it makes them more homogeneous and has a greater volume.
  • The jug has a large maximum capacity of up to 3.3 liters so that the preparations do not have to be repeated when there are guests at home.
  • Boiling basket to prepare up to 4 preparations at the same time. Cooking in the jug, in the basket and in the steamer on two levels is ideal for saving time in the kitchen.
  • Includes a complete recipe book and access to the interactive social community and all of Cecotec's new weekly recipes.
  • The intelligent heating power system ranges from 0 to 10 levels, simulating a traditional fire with a soft, medium or strong flame. Prevents overheating and prevents food from sticking or burning.
  • Double gear motor that effortlessly takes advantage of its performance at both high and low speeds.
  • SlowMambo movement that allows you to cook slowly at a low temperature while constantly stirring with the MamboMix spoon in a traditional way. Get the most intense flavors.
  • The dosing cap has a specific safety closure to crush or turbocharge without risk of splashes.
  • Completely customizable in all parameters to offer infinite possibilities in daily cooking. It is possible to program time, speed, temperature, heat power and turbo as desired.
  • The butterfly has a silicone reinforcement at the end to better cover the base of the jug and offer a better result.
  • It incorporates a two-level steamer with large capacity for unlimited steam cooking. The accessory is assembled without the jug lid so that a larger surface area can be steamed.
  • It has the Security Check System, one of the most advanced security systems to easily insert and remove the blades without risk.
  • Large, highly intuitive digital display with touch control panel for better usability.
  • It has 10 speeds and an adjustable timer from 1 second to 12 hours. The temperature is adjustable degree by degree from 37 ºC to 120 ºC.
  • Silicone coated spatula to help easily remove all preparation from the jar or stir if necessary.

Cecotec Mambo 10090 Multifunction Kitchen Robot 3.3L

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  • Multifunction Kitchen Robot

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