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Cecotec Microwave With Grill White 20L


Without installation or prior programming, just connect it to the power and you can start using it. With only two easy-to-use mechanical controls to select the power level and time. That's how simple it is to use the new Cecotec microwave.



Heat and ready. You can have the food prepared from the day before, or a prepared dish from the supermarket. Sometimes we don't have time to cook as we would like, and something as easy as those heat-and-ready products from the supermarket or a bowl with the food prepared before solves our day. If you have to prepare something quick for you and your loved ones, it is as simple as selecting the power, the time, and the microwave starts working automatically. Easy, right?



Cecotec uses the latest technologies in the manufacturing of its products to be able to offer the best in terms of everyday objects. Cecotec's new equitable wave distribution system makes better use of the space in the microwave cavity to distribute the waves equally throughout the food, thus achieving better heating results and an equal effect in all areas of the dish.



The Cecotec microwave includes a grill and has a powerful 900 W quartz grill. The grill is perfectly integrated into the ceiling with a protective grille, and it is not a problem to clean nor will you burn yourself if you put your hand in to pick up the plate. Easier, impossible!



Grills of this type are more efficient than conventional resistance grills, since they do not take long to heat up. The moment we connect the grill, it reaches the corresponding temperature to cook, roast or brown much faster than with a conventional resistance.



The automatic defrost mode selects the most appropriate power to defrost any food, whether fish, meat or prepared food. The time to be programmed will depend on the weight of the food you want to defrost.




Cecotec's small-sized, free-standing microwaves are perfect for kitchens that do not have much space. They are 20 l, a large capacity that is contained in a small device so that it fits perfectly in your kitchen.

Cecotec Microwave With Grill White 20L

SKU: CE1362
€165.00 Regular Price
€139.00Sale Price
    • 700W
    • 900W - Grill
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