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Cecotec Twist & Fusion 4000 Kneader Mixer Black

Cecotec Twist&Fusion 4000 Luxury Black mixer with cast aluminum body and 800 W DC motor, selector with digital display with 8 speeds and timer and 5.2 L stainless steel bowl. Includes a whisk, mixer and kneading arm.

  • Kneading mixer with high-power DC motor with 800W, ideal for denser masses and mixtures. Uniform results with the perfect consistency.
  • Planetary movement system, greater reach for an optimal mixture of all ingredients.
  • Large-capacity 5.2 L stainless steel bowl. It incorporates a handle for more comfortable use and a transparent anti-splash lid with filling opening.
  • 8 adjustable speeds to suit the needs of all recipes.
  • Ideal for 6 functions: kneading, beating, whipping, emulsifying, mixing and stirring.
  • Intuitive operation thanks to its digital rotary selector with LED display, timer and time and speed indicator.
  • Silent system with less than 75 dB. 
  • HardGear System mechanism with direct transmission using steel gears to make the most of the power.
  • Includes a complete recipe book.
  • Made of cast aluminum for greater safety and stability. 
  • Stainless steel whisk perfect for whipping egg whites, cream, meringues, etc.
  • Teflon-coated mixer for perfect mixtures such as shortcrust pastry, cookie dough, etc.
  • Kneading arm with special Teflon coating for kneading heavier or denser doughs such as bread, pizza or pasta.
  • The accessories are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Smooth and square design. Perfect for any kitchen.
  • Safety pack: lowering of the arm and smooth start-up, automatic stop, overheating protection and non-slip feet.

Cecotec Twist & Fusion 4000 Kneader Mixer Black

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  • Kneader mixer

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