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Leisure Cookmaster Induction Cooker Five Zones 100cm Black

Designed for the 21st century home cook, this 100cm induction range cooker effortlessly combines classic range cooker styling with improved cooking performance, allowing you to experience the perfect blend of style and functionality. While the two generously sized ovens and a dedicated grill provide ample room for preparing feasts with ease, the touch control five-zone induction hob offers fast, safe, and energy-efficient cooking.


Induction Cooking.

Feature-rich and satisfyingly simple to clean, the sleek and stylish induction hob perfwctly aligns with the needs of the contemporary chef. Delivering responsive and rapid pan heating, it ensures precise and efficient cooking, helping you to create show-stopping meals.


Booster Function. 

Prepare a delectable pasta dish in record time with the hob's powerful booster function. By activating the maximum power setting, the cooking zone rapidly reaches its highest temperature, ensuring your water boils in an instant.


Two Ovens.

Indulge your culinary aspirations with two separate ovens, enhancing your skills in the kitchen. Perfect for hosting family gatherings, the etra oven capacity allows your main course cooks to perfection. 


Dedicated Grill

Add a healty twists to your dishes with this model's dedicated grill. The innovative design, supported by telescopic runners, ensures effortless handling and even heat distribution, allowing you to achieve perfection with every grilled masterpiece.


Storage Compartment.

Stay organised in the kitchen with the spacious storage compartment, keeping your cooking essentials within easy reach. Enjoy the convience of having your favourite tools neatly stored in your range cooker, allowing you to focus on cooking without any clutter.


True Fan Cooking.

Indulge in baking perfection with fan cooking technology, ensuring even heat distribution for precise, picture-perfect results. Perfect for batch baking, this innovative feature guarantees that every creation is evenly baked to perfection, leaving you with irresistibly delicious treats.


Conventional Cooking,

Pefect for budding bakers, Leisure's conventional cooking feature creates an ideal environment for home-baking masterpieces. Experience the gentle and natural heat distribution, resulting in perfectly baked goods that will delight your taste buds. 


Telescopic Oven Shelf.

Experience effortless convenience with our telescopic oven shelf, designed to support itself without beig held. Whether you're skewer testing a sponge cake or adding final touches, this sliding shelf ensures smooth ans easy access for perfect cooking results.


Catalytic Liners.

Transform your cooking experience with catalytic liners. By effortlessly capturing grease and dirt inside the oven, these liners eliminate the tedious task of even scrubbing, giving you more time to focus on creating delicious dishes.


Interior Light.

Enhance your culinary experience with this model's interior light, illuminating your masterpiece's cooking progress. This feature allows you to easily monitor your food's progress to ensure perfect results, all without disturbing the cooking process by opening the oven door.

Leisure Cookmaster Induction Cooker Five Zones 100cm Black

SKU: CK100D210K
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  • H 90 x W 100 x D 60cm

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