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Leisure Electric Cooker Dual Ovens 60cm Cream

Experience the flexibility of range cooking on a smaller scale with this 60cm electric range-style cooker, boasting two generously sized ovens. Despite its compact size, the 75L main oven delivers outstanding baking results and shorter cooking durations with its efficient fan heating. For added ease, the precise timer allows you to set the perfect cooking times, helping you to stay in control of your cooking.


Heat Indicators.

To help you stay safe in the kitchen, the hob's convenient residual heat indicators will display a prominent red 'H' when the surface is still hot, transitioning to  small 'h' as it cools down.


Two Ovens.

Fuel your culinary passion with two separete ovens, providing the flexibility to prepare multiple  dishes with ease. Perfect for hostings gatherings, the dual-ovens help you to effortlessly cook side dishes and main courses simultaneously, creating memorable dining experiences.


True Fan Cooking 

Induldge in baking perfection with fan cooking technology, ensuring even heat distribution for precise, picture-perfect results. Perfect for batch baking, this innovative feature guarantees that every creation is evenly baked to perfection, leaving you with irresistibly delicious treats.


Catalytic Liners.

Transform your cooking with catalytic liners. By effortlessly capturing grease and dirt inside the oven, these liners eliminate the tedious task of oven scrubbing, giving you more time to focus on creating delicious dishes.


Interior Light.

Enhance your culinary experience with this model's interior light, illuminating your masterpiece's cooking progress. This feature allows you to easily monitor your food's progress to ensure perfect results, all without disturbing the cooking process by opening the oven door.



Leisure Electric Cooker Dual Ovens 60cm Cream

€1,039.00 Regular Price
€859.00Sale Price
  • H 90 x W 60 x D 60cm

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