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Beko Fridge Freezer No Frost Vacation Mode System White

NeoFrost double cooling system ™

7 separate, odor-free cooling systems

How to put fish in the freezer and delicious cake in the refrigerator without mixing their smells? NeoFrost ™ is a unique system of separate cooling of individual partitions that maintains the ideal air flow and optimal temperature both in the freezer and in the refrigerator. Thanks to this system, food stays fresh longer and there is no ice formation or odor mixing.


Led Illumination®

Clear overview of the interior

It is not always easy to see food in the refrigerator, especially if it is in the corners or at the back of the shelf. Led Illumination® has a series of LED lights on the top of the refrigerator or on the side of each shelf so you can see well throughout the refrigerator. This type of lighting consumes less energy than standard lighting.


Doors that can be installed in reverse

Doors that adapt to any layout in the kitchen

In certain kitchens, it is necessary for the refrigerator door to open in a specific direction and not the other way around. With the door that can be hinged in reverse, you can put both on the left and on the right side of the refrigerator, you choose. You can also place two refrigerators next to each other and turn the door on one of them.


Protective glass

Durable glass shelves

With the protective glass, you no longer have to worry about whether you can put a large and heavy pot in the refrigerator. Shelves with protective glass are made of tempered glass and can withstand a load of up to 25 kg. They are more resistant to cracks and scratches than untreated glass, so you can put heavy dishes on them without any worries.


SmoothFit ™

Practical doors that open up to 90 °

Some kitchens have an awkward layout with appliances in unusual places. SmoothFit ™ doors do not cross the side when opened at an angle of 90 degrees, which means that the refrigerator can easily be placed in the corner of the room or against the wall, because it opens easily. The vegetable drawer is also pulled out to the end!





Beko Fridge Freezer No Frost Vacation Mode System White

€899.00 Regular Price
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  • H 186.5 X W 59.5 X D 66.3cm

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