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Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker 7.5L Stainless Steel

With the Slow cooker 7.5L Digital Crock-Pot , you will be able to prepare many types of food: from soups, stews, steaks and main courses, to appetizing appetizers, vegetarian dishes and delicious desserts.

Compared to traditional methods, slow cooking, at a relatively low temperature, involves keeping all the nutrients in the food.

In addition, you don’t even have to be a professional chef to get tasty results. Just add the ingredients and Slow cooker 7.5L Digital Crock-Pot takes care of the rest without any supervision .

You can enjoy the whole day, without having to sit in the kitchen and still have a dish prepared at home at the end of the day, for the whole family. With Slow Cooker 7.5 Digital you can cook up to 10 servings.

Cleaning the ceramic dish and the heat-resistant glass lid is very easy, including in the dishwasher . Moreover, the removable dish can also be used in the oven, but also for serving food.

The electronic display is easy to use. Set the temperature level and time required – with the help of the menu and choose your favorite dish. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the recipe.

The Slow cooker 7.5L Digital Crock-Pot electric cooker is perfectly suited to the various cooking needs as well as the constraints due to lack of time. It has 2 “High” and “Low” temperature ranges as well as the automatic “Keep warm” function.

Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker 7.5L Stainless Steel

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