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Leisure Cuisinemaster Induction Three Oven Cooker 90cm Stainless Steel

Indulge your inner chef with this 90cm induction range cooker, the perfect marriage of style and performance. While the contemporary design complements modern kitchens, the five-zone touch control induction hob provides fast, safe and energy efficient cooking. Plus, the specially coated catalytic liners make cleaning the main oven a breeze by catching dirt and grease from inside the cavity.


Induction Cooking.

Feature-rich and satisfyingly simple to clean, the sleek and stylish induction hob perfectly aligns with the needs of the contemporary chef. Delivering responsive and rapid pan heating, it ensures precise and efficient cooking, helping you to create show-stopping meals.


Booster Function.

Prepare a delectable pasta dish in record time with the hob's powerful booster function. By activating the aximum power setting, the cooking zone rapidly reaches its highest temperature, ensuring your water boils in an instant. 


Three Ovens.

Celebrate your love for cooking with three separate ovens that offer ultimate flexibility. Ideal for hosting, the additional space allows you to prepare a mouth-watering main dish in one oven while simultaneously crafting delicious side dishes in the other two.


Full Glass Inner Doors.

Witness the magic of your culinary creations through the glass panal of the oven door. Whilst the clear glass allows you to monitor your dishes as they cook, the easily removable glass panel simplifies the cleaning process.


True Fan Cooking.

Indulge in baking perfection with the fan cooking tchnology, ensuring even heat distribution for precise, picture-perfect results. Perfect for batch baking, this innovative feature guarantees that every creation is evenly baked toperfection, leaving you with irresistibly delicious treats.


Catalytic Liners.

Transform your cooking experience with catalytic liners. By effortlessly capturing grease and dirt inside the oven, these liners eliminate the tedious task of even scrubbing, giving you more time to focus on creating delicious dishes.


Interior Light.

Enhance your culinary experience with this model's interior light, illuminating your masterpiece's cooking progress. This feature allows you to easily monitor your food's progress to ensure perfect results, all without disturbing the cooking process by opening the oven door.

Dimensions (cm)


90  x  W 90  x  D 60

Leisure Cuisinemaster Induction Three Oven Cooker 90cm Stainless Steel

SKU: CS90D530X
€1,799.00 Regular Price
€1,699.00Sale Price
  • H 90 x W 90 x D 60cm

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