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Falmec Mare E.ion System Hood 66 cm

The Falmec Mare E.ion Island Hood is a stunning recirculating hood available in either white or black glass. 


What is an E.ion Extractor?

E.ion extractors are a unique range of extractors which are able to rebalance extracted air by recreating the natural ratio of positive and negatively charged ions.  The result of this is a break down in odour molecules – reducing odours by up to 95% - as well as removal of bacteria, spores, allergens and cigarette smoke.  The leaf shaped sensor on the canopy indicates the current quality of your air -  a yellow coloured leaf indicates bad air quality and will return back to green once the air has been purified.  The unit can be used in automatic mode – not just when cooking - to constantly monitor air quality and turn on as and when required, taking any guess work out of ensuring that the air quality in your kitchen is always at its best.


Increased energy efficiency

As well as excellent air quality, these units offer enhanced energy efficiency – the E.ion collection is a range of recirculating hoods which are not ducted to atmosphere hence pre-heated or pre-cooled air is not expelled.


Installation freedom

Because E.ion hoods do not have to be ducted, all they require is a power supply, they give you much more freedom to locate them anywhere in your kitchen. 


Carbon.Zeo technology

E.ion hoods also feature Falmec’s revolutionary Carbon.Zeo filters which utilise materials found in nature and capitalise on their ability to reduce both cooking odours and moisture.  These filters have a long life - approximately 3 years with regular use – and are designed to be regenerated every 18 months, by placing them in the oven at 200⁰C for two hours.  They must be replaced every three years.

Falmec Mare E.ion System Hood 66 cm

  • 66cm

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