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Le Creuset 3-ply Stainless Steel Pasta Pot 20cm 5L

Penne. Spaghetti. Farfalle. This pot is perfect for cooking your favourite pasta. It’s ideal for all sorts of other dishes too, whether you’re boiling rice, simmering vegetables or a delicious homemade sauce. The multi-layered construction heats up fast and ensures the heat is distributed evenly, for efficient and delicious results.



Stay protected – always use oven gloves when handling anything hot.

Use the product on the most appropriately sized hob ring — it’ll make your food cook more evenly, and reduce the risk of damage to the handles and sides. This is especially important on induction hobs: if you use the wrong-sized ring, there’s a risk the hob won't ‘recognise’ the product.

Cooking on a medium or low heat gets the best results — even for frying and searing. Let the product heat up gradually for great tasting food that’s cooked evenly. If you do need to use a higher heat, lower the setting once the desired heat has been reached.

For induction hob cooking, avoid using the ‘boost’ function as it should only be used for rapid heating large volumes of water.

If you're using salt, don't pour it directly onto the stainless steel surface. To avoid damage, add it to hot cooking liquid or food.

For best results, place your product on a shelf or rack. Never place your product on the floor of your oven – it can increase the cooking temperature, leading to faster, uncontrolled cooking which could cause damage.

When using under the grill, always allow at least a 5 cm (2 inch) gap between the heat source and the top of your product.



Always cool the product for a few minutes before cleaning. Do not plunge it into or fill it with cold water when hot, excessive surface temperature changes may damage the product.

Le Creuset 3-ply Stainless Steel Pasta Pot 20cm 5L

SKU: 96200520001000
    • The convenient capacity markings are designed to make your cooking experience easier and even more enjoyable.

    • Best in class: our products are crafted from the finest materials in facilities around the world, ensuring the quality you expect from Le Creuset.

    • Choose your cooktop: Suitable for all cooktops and conventional oven use, our 3-Ply Stainless Steel cookware is safe up to 260°C. Not suitable for microwaves.

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