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Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top


Cast Iron Grill’s wide grates and broad cooking surface can please and feed any crowd. Complement any recipe with the wood-fired flavors of oak, hickory, maple, and more.


Easy To Use

Novice chefs can achieve mastery of open fire cooking in no time with Cast Iron Grill’s natural counter to intense heat. It heats up gradually and evenly, then transfers heat steadily to maintain perfect cooking temperatures with a single layer of burning embers.


Long Lasting

The longevity of cast iron is legendary and owed to its ability to season. Non-stick and polymerized, a seasoned Cast Iron Grill is easy to clean for life-long use. Cast Iron Grill wears in without wearing out, creating limitless opportunities to light up for years to come.



Cleverly designed with portability in mind, everything from packing to assembly is effortless so you can focus on the trip of a lifetime or crafting wood-fired fare. Paired with the Carry Case, Cast Iron Grill completes the nesting Ranger Cooking System made to store well and go anywhere.


Ranger Cooking System

Cast Iron Grill is part of a well-oiled machine made for creating good moments. Trailside suppers and flame-to-table feasts are possible with Ranger, Hub, and perfected accessories to complete the experience.

Ranger Cast Iron Grill Top

€109.00 Regular Price
€89.00Sale Price
  • Cooking Surface Diameter: 14.25 in | 36.2 cm

    Weight: 13 lbs | 5.8 kg

    Materials: Cast Iron

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