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Cecotec 8105 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Revolutionary mopping
The revolutionary mopping system features two super-absorbent mops that spin at full speed and effortlessly remove all types of liquids and stains.

Fully autonomous base
Forget about cleaning your home in every way with the new conga base. Now, it not only sweeps, vacuums and mops, but also empties dust, cleans the mops, dries them, moistens them and also collects dirty water after cleaning them.

A perfect duo
The most brutal union for a unique cleaning, with a multifunction brush that collects and drags the most difficult dirt and the rotating mops to leave no trace and make your floors shine like never before.

Professional cleaning
It doesn't matter if it's a liquid, a sauce or a dry stain, the absorbent and descaling power of spin mops is unbeatable. And its cleaning? Don't worry, you leave its base like new without you having to do anything.

Power that can handle everything
Thanks to the ForceClean system and its powerful turbine, the 4000 Pa of suction are maximized to destroy all dirt, even on carpets.

Self-emptying of dust and water
Thanks to the large capacity of the cleaning base tanks, you won't have to worry about anything other than emptying and refilling them.

Ultra-precise navigation
Map your home perfectly with the best navigation and create perfect maps to plan and define your cleaning. In addition, the laser allows you to clean specific areas or restrict where you do not want it to clean.

Customized cleaning from your mobile
The new Conga App has a new, easier and more intuitive design with which you can use and schedule the cleaning of your home, with pre-established cleanings at specific times and much more!

2 rotating mops
Self-emptying base with 3 tanks and power cable Self-cleaning brush Multifunction brush Instruction manual 
vacuum cleaner 2.4L clean water tank 2.8L dirty water tank 2L dust tank 1 side brush

Cecotec 8105 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

SKU: CE8105
€969.00 Regular Price
€699.00Sale Price
  • Robot vacuum cleaner with self-emptying base and 5000 Pa suction power.

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